Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Walking Tour Shots

Charleston is such a pretty town that I figured I'd post a few more photos from our walking tour of the old downtown section.

This is the Market Street area not far from where we parked. We had a good time strolling along this part of the town, shopping and deciding on a restaurant for lunch. Carole bought a pair of silver earrings in that mall.

Carole in the restaurant. We liked this place. The weather was very pleasant and it felt good to sit in the outside area for our lunch.

We saw a number of these merchants selling woven baskets. They're very pretty and imaginative. All of them claim to be authentic Gullah artisans.

This is the old Customs House. Nice building.

One comes across a lot of these very cool alleyways between the buildings. I suppose all of the streets were once paved with brick and river rock.

Along The Battery.

Another shot of the cool fountain in the park.

This pier is also along The Battery.

Another view of that strange Confederate monument.

One of the colorful apartment buildings on the waterfront.

This was the largest church on Church Street. It's quite an impressive structure.

And, last, a composite I made of one of the cemeteries that we strolled past. This time, the spirits allowed a clear picture. (Click to embiggen.)


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