Saturday, September 05, 2009


My agent has asked me to work on my zombie manuscript. He wants me to excise a chapter and add what amounts to two scenes. I liked his suggestions quite a bit--the added scenes will pack some emotional punch. In addition, I don't mind removing the chapter he chose for execution for the simple reason that I'd added it as an afterthought. Even I had to agree that it slowed down the flow of the narration.

So for the next few days I'll be working on those modifications, which is going to give me something to keep me busy while I sit and ponder the burning of the four incisions in my abdomen.

My pal, Mark Masztal, cooked up a really keen book jacket for our proposed heavily illustrated version of THE LIVING END. I would dearly love to see this in print.

(Click to embiggen)


dogboy443 said...

Me too! Glad you like it. I twas sooo easy. Which Chapter's getting the axe?

HemlockMan said...

That chapter had the subtitle:

A Year Later: The Rise of Sparta.