Thursday, September 10, 2009

Better Late

This photograph is striking for the simple reason that a late start saved our asses.

On one of our trips we had decided to head to Davidson River Recreation Area in the Pisgah National Forest. The drive is a relatively short couple of hours for us, so it's a great place to pick when we want to get away to North Carolina's high country. As I recall, this was a hastily organized excursion and we headed up to the campground.

However, life being what it is, we got a late start. Subsequently, we arrived much later than we had intended. In fact, we didn't get there until after the sun had set. I took a look at the campsite and decided that it was just way too dark for me to safely maneuver the trailer into the spot. Instead, we just parked on the drive and we figured we'd do it right when the sun came up.

Early in the morning, a powerful cold front roared through the mountains. Temperatures plunged. That was okay, because we have a furnace in the Casita, and plenty of blankets. We all slept warm and well.

However, beginning at around six in the morning, the winds hit. And I'm not talking about a few gusts. These ended up being hurricane-force winds that exceeded 75 mph. It was pretty hairy. After a while, we got up and fixed breakfast--cold cereal. While we were eating, we heard a tremendous crash and the solid vibration of the ground shaking. I opened the door of the trailer:

As you can see, if we had put the trailer where we were supposed to have parked it, that white pine would have carved it in half. With us inside. This was the first time that I ended up being happy that we had actually been late in arriving at a destination.

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