Friday, September 04, 2009

Mortal Oak

We spent a fair part of Sunday at my mother-in-law's place. I dug up the summer garden for her, since all but the peppers have stopped producing. We'll replant next year.

We also took a look at one of the oaks close to the house. Her place is pretty big as Charlotte area lots go--a tad over an acre. The yard has lots of nice trees, including some older oaks of various species. One of the oaks that sits beside the parking area may have to go.

Here it is. Currently it has a bench sitting beneath it. It's not a grand oak--but a nice one. I suppose it's probably in excess of seventy years old--most oaks are slow-growing. It may be older. Recently a large limb peeled off and fell onto the concrete drive, fortunately hitting nothing. The yard man thinks the tree is suffering from some mortal malady. A tree expert is coming to take a look and let us know.

Sadly, it may have to come down. We'll see.

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