Sunday, September 06, 2009

Old Time's Sake

I was going a bit stir crazy cooped up in the house, so I talked Carole into taking me for a ride. She asked me where I wanted to go and I figured that we hadn't seen the place where we lived when we were first married in a very long time. And that's where we headed.

This is the house where we lived soon after we were married. It's a very old house and is in a neighborhood we could never have been able to live because of the expense of the homes. But this old place in those days had been carved into a duplex and we rented the left half (away from the driveway). When we lived there the house had a central staircase leading to the porch, which has been removed. I suspect that the place is also no longer a duplex, but I'm not sure.

It was a great place to live. It's in one of Charlotte's nicer areas where low-end homes are probably selling for around $400K and the nicer ones in excess of $1M. But when Carole became pregnant we figured we should buy a house of our own and move away. In retrospect, I think continuing to rent in that neighborhood would have been a better option. We were already living in the kind of place I used to dream about as far as peace and quiet and amenities. But we wanted to own a house of our own. And so we moved.

The following are just houses up and down the street as we cruised the old neighborhood.



I love the trees in this yard.

When we lived in the old place this was the closest library. I used to walk there at least a couple of times a week to just relax and read. In those days it was a little smaller and cozier. (It's still a very small branch.) But I liked that old place. It was full of old books and smelled of pulp. These days it has been renovated and "improved". It's now very slick and bright and I really didn't care much for the brief visit. Alas.

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