Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Writing a Sequel

I'm trying to have the new book completed before Carole and I leave for Yellowstone in mid-August. So I've been working hard to get the manuscript done. Worst case it'll be finished around September 1st, which was my initial (self-imposed) deadline.

It feels both strange and exciting to revisit old characters. Normally when I finish a novel or short story, I don't want to revisit the folk I dreamed up for the initial tale. But when I got the chance to write a sequel to THE FLOCK I was happy to rejoin the people from that first novel and see what kind of mischief they were up to.

I have a third book proposal for my publishers, but that will depend of course on sales. It would be nice to generate a series, though. That's something that I'd hoped to be able to achieve as a professional writer. And recently I wrote a note to my agent that I had the idea for a fourth novel for continuing the adventures. I never would have supposed the possibility!

Where I need to return for rest and relaxation and meditation. (After descending and climbing several thousand feet!)

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