Saturday, June 12, 2010


When the USA news media was completely hijacked in 2000 as our national elections were blatantly rigged so that the corporate elite could install a mentally retarded son of a billionaire into our highest office, I found myself at a loss to find objective news sources.

Fortunately, there was in those days the Internet. So I found myself turning more and more to the European press for decent and relatively objective information. It didn't change the fact that the USA proved to be a nation of utter cowards willing to allow our democracy to be destroyed. But at least I could find some unobstructed views of what was going on within my native country of cowardly worms.

Utter and complete human filth.

For many reasons, not least of which was the fact that I didn't have to worry about translations, my go-to news sites were mainly in the UK. I found myself turning to the BBC, and The Guardian, and The Telegraph, and The Independent for my up-to-date current events information. Even the right leaning publications were better than anything here in the USA. There seemed to be a certain kind of honesty at work in UK journalism that was absent in the pro-corporate propaganda machines in place here in my own USA shithole.

So imagine my horror and disappointment in recent weeks. As a British corporation is singly responsible for the worst environmental disaster in my nation's history, I find the UK press going to great lengths to defend the indefensible.

British Petroleum is a monstrous organization that should be dismantled. Its board members and executives should be dragged into the nearest parking lots and have their brains blown out with guns made in the USA and with bullets produced in the USA. Their blood should be spilled, their bodies hoisted on the nearest light posts, and their stolen wealth absorbed into our National treasury. This corporation and these men need to be handed out immediate and violent death sentences for their crimes.

And yet...I find that the UK press is proving itself to be as big a lot of monstrous, slimy hypocrites as any USA coward who wears the hat of journalist. They're as bad as my own countrymen in that respect. They've proven themselves to be liars on as monumental a scale as the scum who pretend to report the news in the various information disseminating agencies here in my own nation of morons and fools.

I have watched as the BBC and The Guardian and The Telegraph and most of their lying shithead companions do their utmost to defend the company BP. And simply because it has "British" in the title of the name by which the company goes. Of all the news sources across the soon-to-be-polluted Pond, I have found that only The Independent seems to have anything like a critical eye aimed at British-fucking-Petroleum. (Addendum: Have since realized that The Independent is also a lying, right wing rag.)

You Brits (and Scots and Welsh) have proven to be a huge disappointment to me.

Fuck you.

What I thought was courage and objectivity in your news media has proven to be a phantom. It never existed, really. I just thought there was some courage and honor there.

But you're just like us.

Twits. Alas.

Kill this motherfucker.

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