Tuesday, June 15, 2010

High Water

For the past couple of days we've had some kick-ass thunderstorms in the neighborhood. While coming home just after one hit we drove over the bridge above Campbell Creek which bisects the walking/biking trail McAlpine Creek Greenway. This is a very nice trail that is partially paved and partially gravel. I used to walk and bike it a lot until I was harassed by some punks when I was alone. I faced them down and roughed one of them up (they were in their late teens), but it made the idea of going back there so unpleasant that I rarely visit the place.

But yesterday as we drove over the bridge we were amazed at the level of the water rushing down the creek. The volume was easily eight to ten times what normally flows there. So I turned around, parked, got out and shot the following photos and videos.

Trail sign at the road.

The trail leading into the woods. It was about half a mile down that way where I encountered the smart-ass punks who didn't know well enough to leave me alone. Oh, well.

The power of water.

There is obviously a lot of erosion and runoff on Campbell Creek. The water is like chocolate milk after a heavy rain.

You can't even pretend this is a wild creek. There is always plastic and glass and other junk floating around in the water. Especially during and after a storm when the streets disgorge their vomit into the stream.

The sound of rushing water almost creates the illusion of solitude. Almost.

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