Monday, June 14, 2010

Ojectivists are Assholes

This here ugly stack of feces is Penn Jillette.

I hate this asshole.

I'd seen him pop up from time to time in my life, so I vaguely knew who he was. He has a gimmicky magic act that he does with some clown who won't ever talk (or make any noise at all): goes by the name of Teller. Cute act, I reckon, since he made a living at it. The guy is huge and vaguely deformed looking to me. There's always been something freaky about his physical appearance that bothers me. And that horrid voice...give me a break!

Already you can tell that I was never a fan. Shticks can only go so far, in my opinion. His outlived its polish about a week after he came up with it. Later I heard him do a bit on NPR about not believing in any god. Okay. Cool. He gave a rather simplistic talk about the subject, but I could dig it.

Then I found out he had a series on Showtime called BULLSHIT. I watched it, just to see what it was about. There was that hideous voice of his that I'd have to sit and hear, but I was curious. After a few minutes of that crap it hit me:

The turd-lapper is an Objectivist! A Libertarian! A follower of that fascist whore, Ayn Rand! He didn't have to say that specifically, but I could read through the pro-corporate crap, the thinly-veiled racism, the praise of complete and utter selfishness. This shit-smear is a deluxe kisser of plutocratic ass-crack! Nobody kisses rich ass like a man willing to be paid big bucks to do so, and Penn Jillette stands almost front and center to get his deformed lips around some billionaire anus. BULLSHIT, indeed.

I've never quite understood the appeal of these Objectivist/Libertarian spokesmen. They pretty much come right out and tell their audience that they're a bunch of losers and leeches, drains on society who exist merely to prop up the lives of the rich and powerful. How could that possibly appeal to the folk I see following these monsters?

I suppose what it boils down to is that these idiot followers don't realize that they're so monumentally stupid. They think they're smart! They actually believe they're the Ayn Rand super-capitalists who are going to get rich while the moronic underclass live to be their customers. It was when I realized this fact that I knew this was why people would pay money to let someone rape them.

Now if I could only find a photo of Jillette doing Teller up the ass I could make this blog complete today.

Nazi Rat Bastard Antics!


Stuart Gardner said...

But those minor quibbles aside, you like him, right?

James Robert Smith said...

Yeah, he's a real mensch.