Monday, June 07, 2010

Mi mi mi mi mi....

Most of the following photos are of me. They were all either taken by Andy Kunkle on our recent trip on the Appalachian Trail, or were taken with his camera (which is vastly superior to my camera) by someone else.

Me and Boone on the way up to McAfee Knob.

Sitting on the edge of Forever.

Actually fast asleep on the edge of the cliff. The weirdest thing about this spot where I plopped down to rest is that it perfectly fit the contours of my body. It was bizarre! So comfortable was it that I fell immediately and completely asleep.

In the rocky maze near the top of McAfee Knob.

Yep! That was one tight squeeze!

On the other side of the summit after hiking through the rock maze.

There I was hiking over the grassy horizon of a field after we left a rest spot along the way.

Hiking through the ferny woods.

More leading the way stuff.

As you can see, the Mountain Lake Wilderness still has healthy hemlock trees.

Well, this is actually Kevin Yount. But what's a photo album of guys hiking together without at least one of them featuring someone flipping the bird? I think this was probably in response to Andy asking if Kevin was thinking about joining us on that last leg of the hike.


Jack said...

Nice Shots "Hater"!

HemlockMan said...

Andy does a good job with the camera!

I'm looking forward to buying my first digital SLR camera hopefully in a few weeks. With any luck, we'll have it before the Yellowstone/Tetons trip.