Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Writing Announcement

The original cover to the first edition of the novel from Five Star Books. Art is by Thorsten Grambow. The editions from Five Star are now out of print.

My agent for all-things FLOCK related (Robert L. Fleck) sold the mass market rights to my novel THE FLOCK. He'd been busy moving those rights for several months and he locked up a deal that's been in the works since September.

Tor Books will be producing the paperback, and have also purchased rights to the sequel, THE CLAN. I'm looking forward to working with Tor in the coming months.

The ultra-cool artwork by my pal Mark Masztal done as a test cover for a proposed comic book series for THE FLOCK.


dogboy443 said...

Sequel??? Well hot damn. I'm ready to do the cover anytime you want. Just gotta convince the fine folk at Tor.

HemlockMan said...

Yep. A sequel. Bob Fleck had asked me some time back if I had any ideas for a sequel. When he asked me, I didn't, at all. But a few weeks later the scheme for a trilogy hit me and I wrote it down as a plot synopsis.

Tor has an option on the third part, but we'll see how sales go on the first two.

dogboy443 said...

That's great news.


HemlockMan said...

Yeah, I had trouble falling to sleep last night. Like a kid on Christmas Eve. Just one night early!