Friday, December 04, 2009

They're Dead, Jim

Back in the earlier days of the Internet, there were a few websites that I quite enjoyed. Some of the ones that I enjoyed reading the most vanished. I don't know why they vanished, but they did.

The first one to vanish was a site called Media Whores Online. It was produced during the early days of the hijacking of our so-called democracy when George W. Bush was installed into the White House after a rigged election. The USA press refused to address this obvious fraud election, and so was born Media Whores Online in an attempt to address the media whores who went about acting as if George W. Bush was anything more than a mildly retarded figurehead. At some point the site vanished, along with any hopes I ever had that this nation would grow a backbone and produce some brain cells.

Another site that I loved to read was a very crude humor review column called "B. Fatt & Lazy". It was a movie review bit wherein the authors gave vent to every atom of vitriol and stream-of-consciousness nastiness that was stuck in their craws. They unloaded in the most hilarious manner on the popular movies of the day. Rarely did I fail to get a good laugh out of the site. But--alas!--it faded. After a (hopefully) faux suicide report of B. Fatt's last day, the site was quietly retired into oblivion. I miss it.

The third site that I admired for its sometimes nihilistic approach to society was It was a non-political website that found humor in the strangest places that the owner located (with online community help). These displayed sites were generally "cruel" in that they did manage to (intentionally or not) display the bizarre workings and ironies of modern society. It, too, finally closed its virtual doors and is now a part of online history.

I miss all three of those website for various reasons. I've seen a lot of these ether-places come and go, but few of them made me think and laugh as much as that trio. And, unfortunately, not a single creator has risen out of the mudheap of the Internet to replace them.

So it goes.

(And before I could even post this bit, I've been informed that has been resuscitated. I'll withhold my opinion until I take a good look at it.)

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