Monday, December 28, 2009

Four Colors!

I went to a local comic convention yesterday. Called the Charlotte Comicon, it's a good place for me to go two or three times a year to give myself a hit of comic book geekdom. I admittedly collect a few titles from my childhood, and this place is a good one for me to fill in the holes in that collection.

On this trip I nabbed a DYNAMO #4, copies of FANTASTIC FOUR #19, #21, and #24. I also landed some hard to find Steve Ditko comics.

Plus, I got to watch the crowds, hang out with some old friends, and see some Star Wars costume folk. As always, I had a great time!

Tiny stormtrooper. Yeah, he was a cute kid having a blast.

I never get tired of looking at all of those vibrant colors!

The crowd was really intense at times. They had hundreds of attendees at the show.

Comic artists Al Bigley (seated) and Budd Root (behind him).

This huge banner was on the parking deck across the street from the parking deck I was on. This is really neat when you realize that this giant anti-smoking banner is on display in the largest city in the state that had the most wealth from the tobacco industry.

Crowded Show.

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