Sunday, December 06, 2009


Tree cuttin' time in Sparta, North Carolina.

For years and years, Carole and I would drive up to Alleghany County where she owns property and go to a choose 'n' cut Xmas tree farm to get our tree. Sometimes one farm and sometimes another. Whichever one looked the most likely. After a while, we settled on one called Crazy Fox Christmas Tree Farm. We always find a good tree there. But the last two years we didn't go to a choose and cut place. Why? Who knows?

We heard that Sparta had gotten a good snowfall yesterday. As we seldom see any snow. we decided to drive up there to get our tree. What could be cooler than picking our tree in the snow? So we went. And, yes, the snow was nice and beautiful. They had about a six-inch snowfall, so it was still gorgeous when we got there at around 10:00 am. We quickly found our tree, showed it to the cutters and waited while they knocked it over and took it to our truck.

We capped off the day by going to Stone Mountain State Park on the way home to take a hike. While there, we watched rock climbers scaling the sheer cliff face of Stone Mountain. More on that later.

Carole and I pause for a self-portrait. Not the tree we ended up with.

They had a pretty good snowfall the day before.

The tree we picked out. They're ready to cut 'er down...

Timber! She's down! Now to tie 'er up and brang 'er home!


Tracy said...

I love this entry! It felt like I was there when I read it. Beautiful pictures as well

HemlockMan said...

Glad you liked it! We had a great time picking the tree this year. Nothing better than tree hunting in the snow!