Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dinner with the Gang

Work for the USPS is not all drudgery. Sometimes a bunch of us from the station gather for a meal. A few nights ago a fair number of us hit a local seafood restaurant to enjoy the food and talk. We had a pretty good time, as we always do. This was the first of these that we've had in a few months due to scheduling problems.

This was most of us. There were a few more who arrived several minutes later.

The singing waitress. This lady was hilarious. She was performing the most sexy Christmas carol I've ever heard. My co-worker here is Thaddeus, who lives a few doors down from me on the same street. (But he's moving soon to Fayetteville.)

Tucker, the waitress, and Thaddeus share a laugh. She was great! (Really a nice voice!)


dogboy443 said...

More pictures please!!

HemlockMan said...

I only took those two of the waitress singing. Alas! She was hilarious. She wasn't actually our waitress, but Thaddeus knew about her and called her over for one song. Here voice was very pretty.