Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Walk in the Woods

Simple photo album of our hike to the field below the cliffs of Stone Mountain.

The beginning of the trail just past the parking area. There's a nice bathroom here, trash cans, recycle bins, and a vending machine for bottled water. (Many idiots try to hike up Stone Mountain in summer with no water. Big mistake.)

The trail is extremely well built and graded. Lots of stairs.

There are also plenty of bridges wherever they are needed. Also all in good repair.

Carole trudging up one of the few climbs on the way to the field of views.

Typical hiking in Southern Appalachian forests.

The side trail that leads to the Hutchinson Farm.

Carole resting on a rock beside a stream on the way back to the truck.

And there are so many deer in the park that you can't walk very far without seeing one.

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