Monday, December 21, 2009

Winterizing the Casita

Some years we use the Casita all during winter. So I don't really ever close it up for the season. Usually. But I figured this winter was going to be a year when we weren't going to have much time for traveling and camping. So for the past week I've had the heat on in the trailer so that the pipes wouldn't freeze up.

Today I emptied the water lines, blew them out with an air compressor, and then drained the hot water tank. After that I added the RV anti-freeze to the main tank and ran the taps until the stuff was running throughout the system.

After that I dragged out the cover and for the first time in two years I covered our fiberglass egg. It was a bit sad. There have been some years when we went camping twelve out of twelve months. But I can't see getting back on the road with the travel trailer again until March or maybe April. So out came the cover and on it went.

Getting ready to cover the Casita. Ladder and cover waiting.

Setting the stage.

Cover on the roof, getting ready to situate it and clip it on and tie it down.

90% done.

Almost done. Only things left to do is unhook the power, stow the cords, and lock the door. Back on the road in 2010!

Life is fun with a bit of irony. As I was setting my Casita into its artificial cocoon, I found this real-life cocoon attached to the covering. I don't know what kind of bug it is, so I set it back into a fold on the trailer cover. I hope it survives.

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