Saturday, December 19, 2009

Covered in Kitty Cats

We're only just now getting our Christmas tree up and decorated. We should be finished by tomorrow afternoon. Then it's time to start wrapping presents and getting those stashed under the tree. This year has seen so much time pressure for us that it's the latest we've ever prepared for the Holidays. I have had almost no real time off and the volume at work has been much heavier than the past two years. Add to this the fact that I just finished with a six-day work week and it hasn't left much time for decorating the house. Carole, too, has had a heavy work load.

Today I came home from work and relaxed in the den, watching some DVDs and hanging out with the cats.

Me and Cairo.

Cairo and Lilly use me for a pillow.


dogboy443 said...

The Man Who Splept With Cats...the new exciting novel from James Robert Smith!!!

HemlockMan said...

What can I say? They like sleeping on me. There is definitely fiction for the mill in there somewhere.