Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Son, the Smartass

My son, Andy is twenty years old. He has an IQ of 117. I always wanted him to go to college and become a National Park naturalist and live my stillborn dream of working for the Park Service.

Alas, he has no interest in going to college. (Argh!)

He's gainfully employed at a metals shop where he's training to be a welder. Yes, I know that welders often make decent money. And there's nothing wrong with being a laborer. (I am a laborer, too.)

However, I did have my dreams for Andy. But he just didn't share them. So it goes.

At work, there is often scrap metal lying about that is good for odd little projects when he's not working. He brought one home yesterday. Here it is:

My son's first shank. He would have to use that IQ to be a smartass. Oy.


Anonymous said...

LOL well, at least he's making one outside of prison walls!! :)

That says a lot right there!

HemlockMan said...