Wednesday, June 11, 2008

High Country, Here We Come

Carole and I will be heading up to the North Carolina high country in a couple of days. We leave behind a sweltering lowland suffering in near-100 degree heat. Forecasts in and around the area where we'll have our travel trailer are calling for temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. Paradise compared to the hellish weather we've been suffering through--and it isn't even officially summer, yet!

I have some writing news to announce--once again, just as soon as my agent gives the all-clear. A few more weeks, apparently.

For now, my main concern is to buy some new fishing gear, make sure the canoe and all the doo-dads that go with it are in order, and to get out my stack of trail maps and try to decide which mountain peaks I need to bag.

Shorts and short sleeves on December 31, 2004, DuPont State Forest. (Don't even try to tell me oil and coal have no effect on our atmosphere.)

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