Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nearing 100, and Counting.

As the temperature climbs toward 100 today, I remain indoors, mainly. Washing clothes. Hanging them out to dry. Sweeping the kitchen, mopping the kitchen. Vacuuming the den, the staircase, the loft. Oh, joy! What fun! Washing the dishes. So much for wifey doing these chores.

Outside, it's so hot that even the community swimming pool is largely deserted. Ugh. I look out at the clear sky, a kind of metal gray rather than blue. The heat is overwhelming and quite hideous. Carole and I look at the weather reports from Camden Maine and dream. Bar Harbor calls. We'll be there in two months.

Next week, we hook up the travel trailer and journey to the North Carolina mountains to spend a few days at Cascade Lake, taking the canoe out, doing some fishing. I'll wander around and view the waterfalls, bag a few peaks, and hopefully enjoy cooler weather in the southern high country.

For now, though, we work inside and peer out and hope for hurricanes from of the Caribbean. Push some moisture this way. The drought is once more upon us. Did it ever break?

Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest. Next week, for sure.

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