Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Parting Shot: Windows

A Poem by James Robert Smith

Go to the window and look outside.

If there are trees, there will be a day when they’ll
Be cut the fuck

If you look out and see
Buildings, or other
Houses, or other
Offices, then there will come a
When they will all be knocked the fuck

Nothing in Man’s way will
For long.

We destroy everything
We have built.

We eat everything placed
Before us.

There is nothing too quaint to be preserved.

There is nothing too beautiful to be saved.

There is nothing too rare to be spared.

We knock down mountains.
We carve up rivers.
We shove whole forests into our guts.

We shit on the land
And piss in the oceans
And fart into the skies.

Look out the window.
Everything you saw is gone.


Mark Martin said...

One day
There will be no
farms, because
there will be no more room

On the menu
free-range cockroaches
and maggots
grown on fields of dead bodies
and shit


Probably not

Everything will be dead
long before the roaches
and the maggots thing

Probably soon

Hi Bob!
Good morning!
Just stopped by
to see what's happening

HemlockMan said...

Always happy to cheer a fellow!