Monday, June 23, 2008

Ridgetop Housing, and Lilly is Growing Up

On the climb to the top of Little Pisgah Mountain we passed through several types of property. Some of it was private property. Some of it was private with conservation easements (thus the easy access and no worry of trespassing). None of it seemed to be completely public property, the lack of which is proving to be a more and more serious problem as time passes in this neck of the woods.

Little Pisgah has a number of towers on the summit. Common for prominent peaks in the eastern USA. Lots of radio, microwave, cell phone stuff. It's a bane of the southern highlands. You also run into folk building all sorts of vacation homes on these mountains. Generally, I loathe seeing these houses, second homes for the rich, which pock my Appalachian green heaven and which I'd generally like to see pushed over or burnt down.

However, on the way to the top of Little Pisgah we happened upon a particularly nice private home. It's situation below the main peak and sitting alone on a broad ridge looking out over the nearby peaks and over Hickory Nut Gorge actually charmed me. It also made me wish that the place could be mine. That had never happened before. I guess they aren't all blights on the landscape:

Quite the beautiful vacation home. I liked everything about it. And didn't want to crush it.

Lilly continues to grow. She's a great cat, as we'd hoped she would be. Lots of intelligence and personality and very affectionate:

Our Lilly.

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