Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The 120-foot Shower

Well, we returned from our first extended (mountain) vacation of the year. I spent several days tramping around the high country, most of it in DuPont State Forest near Brevard, NC. I had a great time, save for denting the door of my travel trailer on the way home. I fear I'm going to have to get the entire door replaced. I shouldn't be too depressed over it (I am), for it could have been far worse.

While in DuPont, I took a shower at the base of the highest waterfall in the park, the aptly named High Falls. If the footing at the top of the falls is anything like that at the base, I can well understand why so many people have fallen to their deaths in such places.

I'll write more about my hikes when I've recovered from the drive home.

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