Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Burning the Earth

If it weren't for the loss of union jobs, I'd have to laugh. GM, the folk who shot themselves in the ass by killing the electric car, are shutting down the plants that produce the gas-guzzling monsters preferred by the oil barons who pull the strings.

Sometimes I feel that we're Hell bound to destroy the planet by eating it up, choffing it all down in an endless orgy of consumerism. But sometimes I have sweet dreams of impending international poverty and the total demise of laissez faire capitalism and the resulting destruction of the power elite in an orgy of bloody retribution.

Ah, if I ever have to remind myself why I so totally loathe and hate Libertarians, I have only to look into the depths of the results of mountaintop removal in West Virginia. All of that irreparable destruction just to make some billionaires even richer.

Could any god have crafted a bigger sack of shit?
(The answer, of course, is "no".)

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