Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I've written about the magazine Mineshaft before. There's not much left of the old underground comic book scene, but the editors/publishers are doing their best to keep the ancient tradition alive with their digest appearing all too infrequently.

The new issue arrived in my mailbox this week. It didn't take long for me to consume the contents and I've gone back and read it all a second time, trying to pick out little details I may have missed the first time around. Alas, I do not know when the next issue will appear. Not soon enough, though.

Old faces are present along with some new artists who are unknown to me. There's Crumb and Fleener and Griffith and Stack and Moriarity and Lynch for the hard core nostalgists among us. And there are some folk displaying inventive material who are new to the scene for me. It could be that these "new" folk are not that at all, but I have been out of the comix loop for so long that I would not know. What I can say is that there's not a misfire in the issue.

As always, highly recommended.

The front cover to MINESHAFT #32. (Tip of the hat to Harvey Kurtzman?)

Back cover complete with a Mr. Natural yarn.

This interior page from R. Crumb struck me for one big reason: it reminded me of  the philosophical musings of Steve Ditko. Not in content, but in form. The illustration, the hand-lettered rambling.
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