Monday, December 28, 2015

Middle Class?

What is "middle class".

What the USA has drilled into everyone's head is that working class people are "middle class". This is not true. Working class people--those who go to labor/clerk/sales/retail jobs every day and exist on the edge make up the majority of the workers, but they are NOT middle class. The actual middle class--those who are sandwiched in between the real upper class (the very rich) and the working class have to pull down at least mid-six-figure salaries. Contrary to the bullshit propaganda drilled into us from childhood, working class people are NOT "middle class". Middle class people send their children to Ivy League schools. Middle class people get high-paying work in banking and insurance and the energy sector. Middle class people live in gated neighborhoods and have second homes and vacation in exotic locales around the globe several times a year.

This is "middle class": a 5,000 square foot home in an exclusive neighborhood. A vacation home bigger than most working class people can afford to own and situated on a ski slope in Aspen. Your sons enrolled in Yale and Princeton and your daughter married off to a young millionaire. You buy a new, high-priced auto every year that costs more than a year's wages for even a skilled worker. A comfortable retirement at 50 waiting for you. Vacations in Florence and Tahiti (or anywhere else you want to visit). That's what is middle class. Anything less and you're either working class or are living in grinding poverty.

This is working class.

This is Middle Class.
Sorry. No photos of upper class homes. They don't allow photographers to get close enough.


Lucas Machias said...

Yeah, that bullshit grinds my teeth, too.

James Robert Smith said...

And workers in the USA walk around thinking that they are "middle class".