Sunday, December 06, 2015

Spring Planning and Rediscovered Photos

Carole and I have been planning some smaller vacations for 2016. The first good one will be to go camping and kayaking on the Suwanee River in Florida in April. We've already reserved a campsite. There are a number of springs in that part of the state that we've never seen.

While mucking about with the computer to search for some material on that part of the panhandle of Florida, I accidentally stumbled upon some photos from 2010 of our trip to Yellowstone/Teton that I forgot we'd taken. I found some photos of wildlife that I barely recall taking and I'm going to retrieve those and probably post them this week.

In the meantime, here are a few that we took on our last two days in Yellowstone-Teton area, which we mainly spent in the Grand Teton National Park.

This was taken in Jackson Hole. I was warned not to go there, but I did anyway. And why? For the single reason that I wanted my photo taken at this damned arch made out of elk antlers. Yeah, I succumbed to the old tourist sucker bait. As I had been warned, Jackson Hole is a crap-ass joint catering to folk far richer than I am. The next time I go back to see Yellowstone/Teton, I will definitely stay as far from Jackson Hole as I possibly can. But I got the damned photo at the antler arch. Andy took this photo.

This was taken near the Teton Visitors Center. These thrust fault mountains are among the most spectacular peaks in the United States.

Fantastic scenery on Jenny Lake.

Carole had to pry me out of that place. I kept stopping along the road out to take photos. I can't recall if Carole took this one or if I did it by using a tripod and remote.

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