Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Various covers for some of my novels, anthologies, short story collection, and such in which my work has appeared.

THE FLOCK was the first novel I sold. Originally it appeared in hardback from Five Star Books. The artist did work with me on the cover art.

After the book was optioned for film through Warner Brothers it was picked up by Tor Books. They asked for references on the terror birds from my novel and I exchanged many emails and renderings for the creatures so that the artist would be able to create the most effective art. What ended up was this--easily the shittiest cover for any of my books.

A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS is my first short story collection. It finally appeared from Hippocampus Press in 2015 and has what I consider to be the best cover for any of my books (by the amazing Pete Von Sholly!).

THE LIVING END was my first zombie novel.

My COALITION series was actually my swan song in zombie novels. I decided to write a more traditional shoot-em-up with this one.

The second installment.

The third and final volume.

THE NEW ECOLOGY OF DEATH is the last zombie novel I will ever write. I promise. This is the art initially published. Severed Press wanted it to look like a comic book cover since the premise for the book was based on my comic script of the same name that appeared in TABOO #9.

The current cover art for the book. It is much closer to the spirit of the novel.

The initial cover for WITHERING.

Essentially, the monster in WITHERING is a kind of conjured dinosaur.

HISSMELINA, my take on rural horror by way of paranormal romance. In this one the hero is a woman and the damsel-in-distress is her hulking boyfriend. In addition to the strong feminist message, the book also has a Lovecraftian tint.

The HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS anthology contains my very well received short story "Translator".

TABOO #2 from the amazing Stephen R Bissette who has been so kind to me over the years. He's a real mensch. This was my first sale for which I received professional rates.

TABOO #9 which contains my comic script for "The New Ecology of Death". Years later I would expand that script into the novel of the same name.

The first sale I made to the Marvel comic book based on Clive Barker's HELLRAISER films.

My second script sale to this title.

My third and last sale to Marvel Comics. My editor quit and the door slammed shut on my foot.

SONG OF CTHULHU contained a Lovecraftian story I wrote for the excellent editor, Stephen Mark Rainey.
There are more...but that's all for today.

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