Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mystery Peak

Some years back (2008) I was hiking on Apple Orchard Mountain in Virginia. Off to the west I was admiring the line of peaks in that direction, like waves breaching toward West Virginia. And I noticed one mountain that stood apart, almost by itself, looming above the gaps that separated from the main ridge.

Curious, I got out my map and tried to find it, to see what it was called. But I couldn't find it on the topo. Later, I showed the photos of it to other hikers and none of them knew what its name was. I'll figure it out eventually.

Addendum: I have now discovered the name of the peak: House Mountain. I was also pleased to learn that a great portion of the double peaks (Little House and Big House) is protected in a 1000 acre preserve. Another hiking destination!

The peak I noticed as I was looking at the horizon.

Grainy closeup. You can see that it has a significant cliff on the north face.

This was the reason I was hiking on Apple Orchard Mountain; to see the peak's namesake waterfall.

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