Sunday, November 29, 2015


2015 saw the publication of my first short story collection, A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS. Stories from across three decades of professional sales. Older stories from my very early days as a writer, to recent stories never seen. From the excellent Hippocampus Press.

There are stories here to satisfy every type of fan of weird fiction. There are stories of cosmic horror to those of modern-day violence. Ghost stories are there, along with some traditional creatures and things to chill your blood.

"Even when grouped together thematically, the diversity and variety are nothing short of impressive. Tales range from Lovecraftian terrors to alien encounters with side trips into eco-horror and Southern Gothic tales. Carefully crafted, Smith relies on suspense and subtlety, rare traits in in a genre increasingly reliant on gore.
Hippocampus Press should be thanked for this book. It is a long overdue collection of short stories by a master of the form and should be part of any horror reader’s collection."
"In my opinion James Robert Smith's A Confederacy of Horrors will most likely be the best weird fiction collection of the year, because it contains diverse and beautifully written stories. It's an exceptionally good and original collection that will please fans of horror and weird fiction stories. It's a bit difficult for me to imagine that another collection could somehow be better." 


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