Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Deserving of a Second Trip

I hit many, many places that I yearn to revisit. Almost too many to list. I've been thinking of just putting together a series of photo-blogs to list some that are foremost in my mind. Strangely, I can't recall the names of all of them, but I do remember roughly where they were located.

This first one is just such a spot. We located it in 2011 when we were camping at the Rock Creek Recreation Area in western Tennessee near the North Carolina border. This is when we realized that we were in a spot that had so many waterfalls that it would take us many months to see most of them. I do remember that someone suggested this waterfall to us, and that the parking area for it was kind of seedy.  But the falls itself is quite spectacular, being located in a small,steep, very rugged gorge.  It also has a tremendous swimming hole, and I've been told that it is extremely popular with students from a nearby college.

And so...here it is. Since Carole and I very much want to stay again at Rock Creek Recreation Area, I suspect I'll get a chance to go swimming at this waterfall some day.

I seem to recall that the falls had the word "Blue" in its name. I'll figure out which one it was and where it is. I found it once, I can find it again.

It has a pool begging for one to go swimming.

And it sits in an extremely rocky and rugged gorge.

Carole waited at the top of the falls for me to finish my wandering around in the gorge.

Part of the infrastructure leading down to the falls.

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