Thursday, November 19, 2015


Two of my favorite scenes in movies are from writers who I am convinced were influenced by exchanges they had with bullies, or from observations they made of someone being bullied. I say this because when I was a kid I looked like someone a bully would like to target. I was white, fat, and--on the surface--quiet and meek. Unfortunately for those who tried to bully me, appearances can be deceiving and there was nothing I enjoyed more than feeling my fists and feet punching or kicking the shit out of a bully.

A few months ago I had a guy pull this classic bully shit on me. Now, I'm 58 years old these days. And I'm not quite so quick on the anger button because I'm older and I take medicine for that shit. However, as I stood there watching this guy and listening to what he was saying to me--let me just say that it took every fucking ion of will power that I possess to keep from beating the complete and bloody crap out of him. For an instant my mind was filled with images of his cracked corpse lying on the floor with me standing over it and my shoes covered in the gore from his guts.

Instead, I crammed that rage down into my center and gave him back what he was trying to deliver.  Only I laid it on even thicker. Suddenly, he was the target and I was the shooter. He turned on his heel so fast I thought he might have been a figment of my imagination.

Anyway,  here are those two scenes of classic bully tactics.

This...this is how it's done.

And this.

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