Friday, November 20, 2015

Slippery Slope Time!

I have been amused at the little tantrums and fits of the politically correct crowd. But of course they peck at the low-hanging fruit.

Recently the World Fantasy Awards committee voted to remove the image of the formerly highly respected fantasist Howard Philips Lovecraft from that award. Because of the puking whining of a disjointed elite within that part of literary fandom.

This is a problem. Where does it end? I know people who want us to blast the President faces off of Mount Rushmore. Do we hand them the dynamite?

Now, I pose to this same disgusting crowd of crowing idiots:

There is an award in comics named for, and in honor of Will Eisner. He was a racist. He was also a brilliant artist who did more than almost anyone else to promote sequential art. He also created this:

Art by the racist, Will Eisner. (See his signature there? Huh? See it?")

So I ask them...are you going to agitate for the removal of the Eisner Awards?

Huh? Are you?

Recent commentary by ST Joshi.

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