Saturday, April 28, 2012

Space Crap

A lot of my friends keep whining about the death of the Space Shuttle. As if it was some kind of wonderful, crowning glory of human space flight. In fact, though, it was a horrible project. It was one of the most dangerous vehicles ever pushed through to completion and into mission status. The damned things were flawed at a basic level and inexcusably dangerous to fly. Everyone knew that, and yet the project was rammed through. And what can you expect from a project that was initially chaired by Spiro T. Agnew? I'm amazed that they found teams of pilots and engineers to fly on the missions. Think about it: 40% of the vehicles failed in flight, killing all passengers aboard. Would YOU get into a vehicle if 40% of them failed, killing all aboard? No effing way!

The Space Shuttle: Good freaking riddance.


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