Saturday, April 07, 2012

Half of Mortimer Campground!

One of my favorite car camping/RV campgrounds is Mortimer Campground in the Pisgah National Forest here in North Carolina. I just learned that the Forest Service is closing half of the campground because of flash flooding fears over 100-year floods.

It's true that the Mortimer area has had disastrous floods in the past. One in 1916 and another in 1940 devastated the former town of Mortimer. The last flood resulted in the final destruction of the town as an actual village. However, I think the true reason they are reducing the campground from 23 to 12 campsites is over budgetary concerns.

The worst part is that they're eliminating the nicest of the campsites in the prettiest part of the campground. It's probably going to cause a lot of people to have to resort to other campgrounds in the coming months. The campground works on a first-come, first-served basis, so if the place is full, you're out of luck. And it's going to be full a lot, considering we've lost half the campground.


I stayed at this campsite in 2009 where I went for several days of peace and quiet to finish a novel. This is one of the sites that will be eliminated.

The hiking around Mortimer is fantastic. You don't have to go far to enjoy places like this one (Little Lost Cove Cliffs).

Or this one (Big Lost Cove Cliffs).

If only I'd have remembered to move the tripod!

The Mortimer area is PACKED with waterfalls. This one (Thorpe Creek Falls) is just a short stroll up the creek from the campground, and is considered one of the lesser falls in the area.

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Chuck Sharpe said...

IF the closure of the front half does'nt close it down, the fine happy rangers, feeding off its own users will....Ranger Barney is just waiting in the weeds to levy $125 fines on any and everyone he can..."Do this, don;t do that...can't you read the signs" is the new theme song in the Pisgah Ranger District...from ordering the super to water down the clorox/water solution for restroom clean-up to fine happy rangers, fate will take its toll over time and people, LIKE ME, will find somewhere federal government does'nt intrude and dictate my leisure time!! I'll never go to Mortimer or a Pisgah District site again!! Adios to me....adios to my dollar bills USFS!!!