Monday, April 02, 2012

Big Trip 2013

Carole and I plan our big trips at least a year in advance. Carole didn't have enough saved vacation time for us to take a really good vacation this year. So now we're planning for a big vacation in 2013. And we've decided to hit California again, this time visiting San Francisco and a couple of the parks, including Yosemite.

We're starting to sketch it in, now. We have to decide how much time we'll spend in the places we want to see the most. After that, we'll look into budgeting airline tickets, car rental, lodging, and so on.

But Yosemite is another of the places I want to see before I croak. So that's where we're headed in 2013.


MarkGelbart said...

Both my sisters with their husband and boyfriend visited Yosemite NP last year.

They are corporate executive big city slickers who mostly went to northern California to collect expensive bottles of wine. However, they were very impressed with the scenery.

They were lucky enough to find a guide who took them to a less crowded trail in the park.

HemlockMan said...

We are going to hit San Francisco, but mainly I want to do some mega day-hiking in Yosemite. I do some typical tourist stuff in the National Parks, because my wife doesn't hike. But I have to go off on my own to climb high peaks and find great waterfalls and solitude far from the crowds.