Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday

Carole and I went to her mom's place for Easter dinner today. We always have a restful visit when we go there and today was nice and relaxing. Carole had stayed up the previous night cooking most of the stuff for the meal, so all she and her mom had to do was heat things up.

After dinner I spent a little of time out in the yard working a bit with the Casita trailer and trying to take some macro photos with my SLR camera. I have never had any luck taking good macro shots with the new camera and lenses. I recently ordered a macro lens which hasn't arrived yet. As usual, I was very disappointed in the shots I got in my attempts to take closeups of blossoms and such. My older cameras were actually better at macro than this new, expensive one. I hope the new lens enables me to take some good closeup shots.

Faye and Carole as we got ready for Easter dinner. We brought over a bottle of wine to add to the celebration.

Most of the azalea blossoms had already faded. But these lavender azaleas were in full bloom. We need to plant more of this type to give the yard some variety.

The hemlock trees in the back yard were putting out tiny cones. In all the years I have never seen these trees spawn any saplings. But every year they produce these tiny cones.

This is something most southerners don't get to see any longer: a view under the canopy of a healthy Eastern hemlock tree. I keep a close watch on the pair in Faye's back yard. At the first sign of hemlock wooly adelgid, I will begin a vigorous treatment with imadacloprid insecticide.

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