Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Another issue of TUROK with an exceptionally kickass cover. Dinosaur buffs from my era always appreciated illustrations of dinosaurs rarely used in mass media. I had a few Dimetrodon toys and there were some good paintings in my favorite dinosaur and evolution texts, but by and large you rarely saw this animal depicted in popular media. True, there were always monitor lizards and young alligators dressed up to somewhat resemble this animal, but this cover was one that instantly grabbed my imagination the first time I saw it.

It also came out the year I was born! 1957!

That year there were still dozens of science fiction and fantasy magazines on the newsstands. A few radio dramas and comedies were clinging to life, but soon TV would kill off the pulp fiction magazines, and radio drama, and most comic book lines.


Here are the latest additions to my TUROK comic collection:

TUROK #4. Not a great cover, but decent. It possesses the drama of the better covers, but lacks color and, of course, a really cool extinct animal. I love mammoths, but kids want to see dinosaurs!

"Kill it Turok! Kill it likes it's a TV executive!"

To my way of thinking, this is one of the last of the great Turok covers (#22). After this, they just weren't quite as good as the ones that came before. However, the interior art and stories improved shortly before this, so the book's quality remained balanced.

Turok #25. One of my least favorite covers. I never liked this one very much.

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