Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Canoe Trip

This was my long weekend. The only time I get a Saturday off in a five-week span. Normally I will plan a camping/hiking or backpacking trip on this rare event. However, with the bum knee and looming surgery I had to forgo that pleasure. Instead, Carole and I headed over to work on the travel trailer to get it ready for our next trip which will occur after I am hopefully well enough to take it for a spin in late July.

Also, we loaded the canoe for a paddling trip on a lake in South Carolina tomorrow. At least I won't have to walk.

Our truck with our canoe loaded up for the trip tomorrow. That's two canoe trips this month!

We spent a fair amount of time in the Casita cleaning her up and restocking the cupboards.

And there they are, the way Carole and I get around when we head off for our south-based vacations. Our Nissan Frontier with V6 engine, the Old Town canoe, and our beloved Casita travel trailer which allows us to camp in great comfort in the most out of the way National Forest and National Park campgrounds.

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