Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Continue: Bradd Parton

For the past few years I've been amused and amazed by the artwork of Bradd Parton. I'd see him at one of my favorite comic book shows, Charlotte Comi Con here in Charlotte. Bradd does these fantastic illustrations, all of which incorporate the entire alphabet within the drawings.

Recently, he pulled a name out of a hat--culled from his online Facebook friends--and my name was the lucky draw. As the winner, I got to choose the subject of a new Bradd Parton illustration. Since my favorite modern American writer is Charles Bukowski...I chose Buk.

The following artwork arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and today I am posting that art again, along with the key to where each letter is hidden within the illustration.

The Key.

If you, too, wish to buy or commission a phenomenally original piece of artwork from Mr. Parton, you can contact him through his website, Alpha-Sketch!

Some bonus illustrations that arrived with my commission.


The DPS Kid said...

Happy Father's Day Bob.

The DPS Kid said...

Hey Bob I was at the Librarything adding a few titles and I saw where The Living End was listed by somone other than me bringing the total number of copies listed to two(lol). Checked it out and it's some guy from Australia dressed out like a fat pirate standing on a ladder. Just thought you would like knowing this information.

Your friend,


HemlockMan said...


Guy wears a pirate costume! Seems appropriate he's from Australia, since Severed Books is based there.

I wasn't aware of Librarything. Interesting site!