Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Experimenting with Macro Again

While messing about with my Casita on the weekend, I got out the Canon camera to experiment a little with closeup photography. My macro shots still suck ass. I'm going to have to break down and buy a good macro lens, or else the shots will keep turning out lousy.
Hemlock trees are pretty big, as eastern trees go. They were once called "the redwoods of the East" before most of the old growth trees were exterminated by hwa. But as with some large conifers, they have really tiny cones. The hemlocks in the back yard every year produce thousands of these tiny cones, but I've never seen a single hemlock tree emerge from the earth around those trees.

I caught this tiny insect on a daffodil blossom. This is about the clearest macro shot I've ever taken. It still sucks.

Closer in on the ephemeral little jumping insect on the blossom. It did not like me looming over its fragile form and quickly scurried to the opposite side of the daffodil.

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