Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Videos at The Cascades

Following are some videos I took on the walk up to The Cascades.

This was on a spot along the trail, showcasing the highly engineered surfaces.

There was not a single living hemlock anywhere around. However, Stony Creek was piled high in some places with the remains of dead hemlock trees.

I took this one just before I went swimming in the great plunge pool below the falls. A great swimming hole, but COLD!

The highest overlook platform was off limits due to falling rock. But the middle one was open, offering up this view of The Cascades from a higher vantage point.


MarkGelbart said...

I just vacationed in northeast Georgia. I visited Brasstown Bald and Black Rock Mountain State Park. I didn't see a single dead or dying hemlock. Evidentally, the disease or insect that's killing them hasn't spread this far south yet. None of the hemlocks I saw were especially big.

HemlockMan said...

Most of northeast Georgia has been hit hard by the adelgid. The parks do chemically treat hemlocks near roads, at camp sites, and at various high traffic areas where they want to specifically preserve hemlock trees.

Last time I was near Brasstown Bald I also didn't notice much in the way of hwa infestation, so that area may possibly be relatively free of them.

Other ares of northeast Georgia the adelgid has pretty much exterminated the hemlocks.