Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Disney Comics

I landed some nice comics for my collection yesterday. In this case, it was some 1940s-era Disney comics, all with stories written and illustrated by Carl Barks, my favorite Disney artist. Barks influenced many artists and writers over the years. Two notable influences by this most-talented of the Duck artists were Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas.

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories was a great comic. There's nothing like it on the newsstands anymore. Probably because there aren't any newsstands anymore. The book was 52 pages and featured stories with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and various other Disney characters. You could always count on the lead story to be about Donald and his nephews, though. Donald has pretty much always been Disney's most popular character, despite the fact that it's Mickey Mouse who's on all the trademarks.

I know that when I was a kid, I didn't give a rat's ass about Mickey Mouse and would ignore the stories that featured him.

WDC&S #91

WDC&S #96

WDC&S #101

WDC&S #105

WDC&S # 106

WDC&S #109

WDC&S #114

WDC&S #121

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