Thursday, June 23, 2011


For years, one thing about conservation efforts that has bothered me is the ephemeral nature of artificial borders and the bedrock upon which such efforts are constructed. Governments change and entire nations can (and do) dissolve. What is the fate of "protected" lands when such things occur? I saw what happened when Rwanda degenerated into an orgy of mass murder--human refugees descended on local National Parks killing and consuming wildlife for food and fouling waterways, felling trees, burning grasslands. I've seen pro-corporate Republicans follow on the heels of regulation-minded Democrats, erasing environmental safeguards. So much for "parks" and "laws".

On the way to extinction.

Ideas about the overriding problems of modern human influence on the ecosystems have consumed me for years. Without having ever had a formal education I flounder around wondering about an answer to such a dilemma. Unarmed with the necessary scientific and philosophical discipline, these concerns dog me even into my sleep.

This morning I awoke from a very vivid dream with the following words foremost in my waking mind:

'The boundaries of parks and wilderness give a false sense of silence
So that the constant whine of the saw can continue unabated.'

I guess snippets of poetry or prose are the best I can do.

Motherfucking gun-humpers.

Snippet word cloud via Ed Frank.

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