Sunday, October 24, 2010

The World Often Sucks

Yesterday I was supposed to attend a Halloween party at the home of my friend Budd Root. Been planning this for weeks.

The world did not cooperate.

First thing that happened was that when I got in to work I was forced to work overtime. This sucks, since I'm not on the overtime desired list, but as I can be forced to do this, well, I didn't have a choice if I want to keep my job.

So I get off work two hours later than usual.

Get home to find Carole sick. I volunteer to stay home but she sends me on to Budd's telling me that she can call if she needs me.

Finally get washed up and head to the local grocery for beer and munchies. Had to wait in line for five minutes while someone went to find two pennies for the customer in front of me. Get my purchase and head to the truck and get on the road to Budd's.

After two miles of driving I notice traffic is slowing. Then it stops completely.

Ahead, there are sirens and flashing lights and all of the signs of a really bad accident. Weirdly, the way to Budd's is along a main artery and to get there via any other route is long and circuitous. At any rate, I'm stuck in a line of chrome that won't move, so I don't have any options.

Finally, after twenty minutes I'm able to creep up to an intersection where traffic is also jammed, but I'm able to make a right turn. By this time I'm three hours late to the party and realize that getting there will require at least 45 minutes of driving.

Fuck it. I call Budd to cancel and go home to take care of Carole.

Some days it doesn't pay to try to make any plans at all.

Sorry, Budd!

On the upside, I surprised myself by knocking out 2,000 words on my young adult project. Now I need to send it on to my agent so that he can tell me if I'm on the right track as far as style.

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