Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Bush Depression

It's weird to walk around and see brand new unsold houses just sitting and deteriorating. No one can buy them. I wanted to take a closer look at a small subdivision near where we currently live. It was to have been an upscale development with about a dozen home sites. All of the houses were slated to be well over 4,000 square feet with relatively large lots. The city of Mint Hill put in underground power and installed sewer and water. Three houses were completed, two as models, and a fourth was under construction when the W. Moron Bush Depression hit full steam in 2008.

One of the houses was sold at bargain-basement price so it's off the market legitimately. One now has a new church building built right behind it (I'm talking within feet), so I doubt anyone would want it now. The uncompleted house is just sitting there getting overgrown with weeds and filling slowly up with leaves and wind-blown trash. The other completed house is at the far end of the street on a cul-de-sac and is still technically for sale, although at an asking price of $571,000 it appears to be someone's idea of a bad broker's joke.

I just felt like taking a closer look at the stillborn neighborhood to remind myself once again why I don't want to reinstall the greedy, monstrous idiots who already wrecked this nation. What's left for them to steal? I'm sure they'll find what remains and pry it out of our grasp.

The house abandoned about 70% complete. No one's touched it since late 2008.

Carole and I inspect the upstairs (third floor). It would have been one Hell of a nice place. Classic McMansion design but a cut or two above that in quality. It had what appeared to be four bedrooms on the third floor.

Inside the three-car garage. They never got around to installing the garage doors so the place is filling up with leaves and dirt.

This is the completed house at the end of the street that technically is still up for sale. Listed at almost $600K, no one is going to pay anywhere close to that. The weeds are overtaking it and mud is building up at this low end of the avenue.

Standing in front of that last house and looking back up the street where there were to have been many more luxury homes. And the scum who caused all of this claim this nation still needs the same policies that put us in this state in the first place.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The last photo reminds me of Hampshire, where the wealthy cousins from my ma's side live. There is still a tiny center to the town, but then you get big ass monstrosities on streets named Whispering Trail. They, too, have homes still unsold, going on for at least 5 yrs.

On the plus side (or selfish for me side), they've put a halt on that subdvision out off Flat Rock Road in Middleton KY, so at the very least my grandparents' farm (and one other property) are still standing. The farm was sold in 1992, subdivision went up in 2002. Half-empty.

HemlockMan said...

The building spree of the W. Moron Bush administration was fueled by the now-famous practice of lending to anyone who could breathe so that the USA could appear to be in good financial shape while Bush's butt-buddies were stealing the nation blind as he pissed our national wealth down a shit-hole called "War Against Terrorism".