Friday, October 29, 2010

Forgot to Post this One

When Carole and I were staying at Canyon Village in Yellowstone we decided to walk from our cabin to a nearby restaurant for dinner. I took the smaller of our two digital cameras along. "You never know what we might see," I explained.

After we ate we were walking back to our cabin. These cabins were apparently put in place either in the 60s or 70s. They're pre-fab buildings that are pretty plain, both inside and out, but are functional and comfortable and they're in a really nice part of the park. A bit long in the tooth, they need to be painted or re-stained. There are a lot of them and the lodging is situated in a maze of little streets. It's a pretty peaceful and quiet spot.

As we were getting close to our cabin we looked ahead to see an adult bison walking along the front of one of the other cabins calmly grazing on grass. We stopped to take his photo and then went on, being careful not to get too close.

Here he was:

I'm glad I took the camera along with us to dinner. My advice when one is in Yellowstone is to never be without a camera.

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Jack said...

That's excellent advice!