Thursday, October 14, 2010

West Virginia Memories

As I've said here many times, my wife and I adore West Virginia. It is arguably the most beautiful state in the eastern USA. Here's a brief album from one of our trips, which reminds us that we need to return. We're getting kind of homesick for the place, even though we're not natives of the state.

Old hemlocks in Beartown State Park. The park system has treated these ancient hemlocks to keep them from succumbing to hwa, and I've been told they're doing okay.

The bear we encountered hiking back to our truck after exploring Beartown.

Fall colors on a state park lake. Greenbriar River State Park, I think.

Stitched panorama in the high country near Cranberry Glades.

Another lake in, I think, Pocahontas County.

A 350-year-old river birch in Cranberry Glades.

Our campsite on that trip. We still had the old truck. I miss that vehicle, one of the few automobiles for which I've ever developed an emotional attachment.

Re-built tower on Droop Mountain.

View from Droop Mountain.

The gorgeous bog called Cranberry Glades. Well worth the visit.

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