Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interesting Newly Discovered Stuff (and the New Novel's Turned In!!!!)

This here is a newly revealed photo from a shoot Marilyn Monroe did on a visit to Banff back when she was still a living, breathing creature:

"Subliminal? To HELL with subliminal," said the photographer.

And this one is truly amazing:

This is not something from a science-fiction movie. This is the face of a newly discovered species of bat found in a previously unexplored section of Papua New Guinea. This place is a treasure trove of undiscovered creatures. It's officially a new "Tube nosed bat", but unofficially people are calling it the "Yoda bat" in honor of the Star Wars character many claim it resembles. Now that we've discovered it, I'm sure we'll now get right down to the business of making it go extinct.

On other fronts, I finished my latest novel!


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